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Let us help you with your Fundraising!

Every year we help to raise money for national and local charities and perform in support of numerous organisations, in venues ranging from churches and village halls to national and local theatres, and even in the open air!

For each concert we provide the conductor, an accompanist and of course our choristers and with you we develop an appropriate musical programme. Where required we also bring our own portable tiered staging, and an electronic keyboard. Your commitment would be to provide the venue and light refreshments for the choir, generate publicity, produce the Programmes (we can assist if required) and make ticket and Programme sales. 

The Choir is a registered charity and our fee is set to cover our commitments and royalties. We will consider charging a lower base fee in support of specific local events where we have a special affinity with the cause or organisation, or where a smaller choir is appropriate.

Please bear in mind that you do need to ensure a minimum paying audience of around 100 people, not only to cover costs, but to make the event worthwhile for all concerned. For most organizations this is not difficult to achieve. An enthusiastic audience encourages the Choir to deliver its best!

For smaller events:
It might also be of interest to you that we can provide smaller Choir groupings, providing similar high quality entertainment. This works well at evening and weekend gatherings that are unable to support a larger Choir assembly. The smaller Choir still sings Orpheus repertoire to a high standard and has proved popular at weddings and club events.

For fund-raising to be a success, forward planning is vital and we are happy to discuss how your particular requirements might be met.  Please contact our Concert Secretary Dick Haynes: for further information.

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