About Wycombe Orpheus Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1923, the Wycombe Orpheus Male Voice Choir is a vibrant group of enthusiastic singers who meet weekly to rehearse for the various concerts and other events that we perform for the public. In many cases our concerts are in support of local or national Charities for which we have raised considerable sums over the years.

Male Voice repertoire is generally arranged and sung in 4-part harmony, with two tenor and two bass sections of the choir each singing the appropriate musical line. Members join the voice section most suited to their own vocal range as determined when they first join.

What do we sing? There is a strong tradition of Male Voice singing especially in Wales and the industrial towns of England; we enjoy singing many well-known traditional pieces from that background. But to cater for modern tastes we also sing popular songs from musicals, films and the pop world, all arranged to make the best of the harmonised singing.  Our concert programmes present something for everyone!

Sheet music is provided to our singers and supported with recordings of each musical line made available through this website. So although reading music is helpful, it is not essential - and our performances are delivered without using sheet music as our rehearsals ensure we are note and word perfect! Challenging at times, but well worth it for the glorious sound we produce. 

With some events run jointly with other choirs, we take the opportunity to visit other locations, and in the past have performed in many prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall (with London Welsh for their glorious Male Voice Festival performances), the Eden Project Biomes, London's Guildhall and several locations in Cornwall and Wales joining other choirs who have in turn joined us in local joint concerts. Social events also feature with a return to post-pandemic normality welcome! 
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