Senior and Encouragement Results in Full - 7th March 2020

Junior Encouragement Class, sponsored by Bucks Voices:

1st        Tanvi Chirumamilla Vocal
2nd Pranaav Vijayan Piano
3rd= Shona Flanagan Vocal
3rd= Catherine Pomeroy Saxophone
Highly Commended Alicija Turek Piano
Highly Commended William Kisler Cello

Senior Brass Class, sponsored by Kettle Enterprises:

1st        Charles Henry Clark Trumpet
2nd Sammy Cormack-Repath Trumpet
3rd Alasdair King Trumpet
Highly Commended George Hill French Horn
Highly Commended Heather McAlister Cornet

Senior Piano Class, sponsored in recognition of
Choir Friend and Supporter Veronica Dean:

1st Oliver Gill
2nd Luke Corey
3rd Beth Richards
Highly Commended Ben Jones
Highly Commended Sophie Cook

Senior Strings Class, sponsored by Grevett & Co:

1st=         Elizabeth Corbett Cello
1st= Lucy Howitt Harp
3rd Charlie Rose Viola

Senior Vocal Class, sponsored by TLC4You Ltd:

1st Cormac Diamond
2nd Emma Harrington
3rd Taran Waverley-Hudson

Senior Woodwind Class, sponsored by Mediplus Ltd:

1st Jasmine Brown Saxophone
2nd Ben Cunningham-Walker Alto Saxophone
3rd Tom Hill Clarinet
Highly Commended Emelia Yap Alto Saxophone
Highly Commended Laura Thomas Flute
Highly Commended Noah Watson Saxophone

Senior Ensemble Class, in memory of Thelma King:

1st The Borlase Barbershop Mark D'Arcy (Tenor), Callum Kunchur & Charlie Evans (Lead), Cormac Diamond (Baritone), Fergus Cooper & Raphael Conte (Bass) 
2nd CMA Cello Quintet Elizabeth Corbett, Katie Harrison, Nina Bernatowicz, Alistair Rose & Lucy Miller
Presented by Margot Rusmanis
3rd= CMA String Quartet Lindi Fang & Ana Clifton (Violin), Elizabeth Hollis (Viola), Nina Bernatowicz (Cello)
Presented by Margot Rusmanis
3rd= HW Music Centre Senior Flutes James Pang & Izzy Talbot
Presented by Emma Walker

Accompanist Award:

Highly Commended Thomas Harrington  for distinguished accompanying of Emma Harrington

Senior Festival Trophy:

Cormac Diamond, for an outstanding solo vocal performance, and for the leadership and musical development of the Borlase Barbershop.