Junior Results in Full - 14th March 2020

Junior Brass Class, sponsored by Bass Clef:

1st Elayna Yap Horn
2nd Elysia Yap Tuba
3rd Karolis Turek Euphonium

Junior Piano Class, in memory of Thelma King:

1st Anaiah Ezechukwu
2nd Isabelle Dusek
3rd Freddie Stevens
Highly Commended Chris Goede

Junior Strings Years 5-6, sponsored by Riverside Tutorials :

1st Beth Styles Viola
2nd Anna Whibley Violin

Junior Strings Years 7-9, sponsored by Riverside Tutorials :

1st Aryaman Tendolkar Violin
2nd Samuel (Sammy) Whibley Cello
3rd Leo Robinson Cello
Highly Commended Katie Styles Violin

Junior Vocal Class, in memory of John Crosby:

1st Suhavni Matharu
2nd Nirmit Nihal

Junior Woodwind Class, sponsored by Shanly Foundation:

1st Sophie Rogers Alto Saxophone
2nd Rosie Prior Oboe
3rd Anna Whibley Recorder
Highly Commended Lizzy Ainscough Alto Saxophone

Junior Ensemble Class, sponsored by Marsha Rae Ratcliff:

1st Sammy and Anna Whibley Anna Whibley (Violin), Sammy Whibley (Cello)
2nd Poppy & Leo Robinson Duet Poppy Robinson (Violin), Leo Robinson (Cello)

Accompanist Award:

Highly Commended Harry Turnbull for distinguished accompanying of Annie Cave in the Junior String Class

Junior Festival Trophy:

Sophie Rogers, for her sustained excellence in Saxophone performance.