Junior and Encouragement Results in Full - 2nd and 9th March 2019

Encouragement 4-6, sponsored by Bucks Voices:

1st Georgina Emmanuel Viola
2nd Anna Whibley Recorder
3rd Snow Gibb Classical Guitar
Highly Commended Sherry Huang Violin
Highly Commended Lucy Jones Violin
Highly Commended Alicija Turek Piano
Highly Commended Jonathan Booker Piano
Highly Commended Lewis Wanigasooriya Double Bass
Highly Commended Iris Kayakiran Piano
Highly Commended Eva Nebolsin Piano
Highly Commended Samuel Liu Violin

Encouragement 7-8, sponsored by Bucks Voices:

1st= Fintan Morley-Smith Piano
1st= Rowan Flanagan Classical Guitar
3rd Benjamin James Piano
Highly Commended Oliver Tulloch Guitar
Highly Commended Thomas Harrington Piano
Highly Commended Joshua Luddick Trumpet

Junior Brass Class, sponsored by Kettle Enterprises:

1st Alasdair King Trumpet
2nd= Elysia Yap Tuba
2nd= Elayna Yap French Horn
Highly Commended Matthew Sparks Tuba
Highly Commended Karolis Turek Euphonium
Highly Commended Charlie Rose Trombone

Junior Piano Class, sponsored by the Robin Bulbeck Legacy:

1st Vivek Dinesh
2nd Taeyoun Kim
3rd= Anaiah Ezechukwu
3rd= Ben Jones
Highly Commended Jude Kayakiran
Highly Commended Evie Van Rest

Junior Strings Class, sponsored by the Friends of the Choir :

1st= Taeyoun Kim Violin
1st= Lucy Howitt Harp
3rd= Anna Whibley Violin
3rd= Vivek Dinesh Violin
Highly Commended Annie Cave Cello
Highly Commended Audrey Xia Viola
Highly Commended Estella Woodhead Cello
Highly Commended Charlie Rose Viola

Junior Vocal Class, sponsored by the Cygnet Singers:

1st Emma Harrington
2nd Lucy Howitt
3rd= Sienna Rebello
3rd= Joshua Wong
Highly Commended Antonia Hay
Highly Commended Daisy Pearson

Junior Woodwind Class, sponsored by Grevett & Co:

1st James Howell Tenor Saxophone
2nd Rosie Prior Oboe
3rd= Sophie Rogers Saxophone
3rd= Hannah Franklin Oboe
Highly Commended Emelia Yap Alto Saxophone

Junior Ensemble Class, sponsored by Marsha Rae Ratcliff:

1st Two's Company Sophie Rogers (alto saxophone), Emelia Yap (alto saxophone), Theo Kennedy (piano and cajón)
2nd Godstowe String Trio Taeyoun Kim (violin), Lucy Baker (violin), Audrey Xia (viola)
Presented by Emma Lake
3rd= CMA Recorder Ensemble Sophie Rogers, Rosie Prior, Gracy Mardle, Libby Michael-Phillips, Ffion Lin & Anna Whibley
Directed by Alex King
3rd= Piano Riot in 3rd Inversion
(6 hands)
Ben Jones, Coco Liu, Lucy Howitt
Prepared by Michael McMillan