Festival Results 2019

2019 Festival Class Winners and Sponsors

All performance classes are named after sponsors, and these are listed below together with the names of the performers achieving the top adjudication. The Choir acknowledges with thanks the contributions of all the companies and individuals who have helped to make possible this quality event of high standing.
New sponsors are always welcome, and will be recognised throughout the Choir’s performance year by suitable acknowledgements in our Programmes and other incentives.

Encouragement 4-6, sponsored by Bucks Voices: Georgina Emmanuel (Viola)

Encouragement 7-8,  sponsored by Bucks Voices: 
Fintan Morley-Smith (Piano) and Rowan Flanagan (Classical Guitar)

The Kettle Enterprises Junior Brass Award: Alasdair King

The Robin Bulbeck Legacy Junior Pianoforte Award: Vivek Dinesh

The Friends of the Choir Junior Strings Award: Taeyoun Kim

The Cygnet Singers Junior Vocal Award: Emma Harrington

The Grevett & Co Junior Woodwind Award: James Howell

The  Marsha Rae Ratcliff Junior Ensemble Award: Two's Company 
Sophie Rogers (alto saxophone), Emelia Yap (alto saxophone), Theo Kennedy (piano & cajón)

The Kettle Enterprises Senior Brass Award: 
Charles Clark 

The Veronica Dean Senior Piano Award: Emilia McCalley

The Robin Bulbeck Legacy Senior Strings Award: Elizabeth Corbett

The Tlc4You Ltd Senior Vocal Award: Alice Martin

The Riverside Tutorials Senior Woodwind Award: Jasmine Brown

The Bass Clef Senior Organ Award: Sean Cohen

The Bass Clef Senior Percussion Award: Dan Kimberley

The  Marsha Rae Ratcliff Senior Ensemble Award: High Wycombe Music Centre Saxophone Choir
( Jonny Ainscough, Charlie Bourne, Jasmine Brown, Eleanor Coward, Rosie Coward, Ben Cunningham-Walker, Joshua Franklin, Emma Gazard, Joseph Harris, James Howell, Megan Mansfield-Jones, James Pang, Isaac Pearson, Noah Watson )


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Event supported with a Grant from Heart of Bucks