Senior Results in Full - 4th March 2017

Senior Brass Class, sponsored by Kettle Enterprises:

1st Oliver Munby Tuba
2nd Matthew James Clark Trumpet

Senior Piano Class, sponsored in recognition of
Choir Friend and Supporter Veronica Dean:

1st James Cozens
2nd Mary-Anne Grego
3rd= Megan Cave
3rd= William Rose
3rd= Withheld
Highly Commended Sophia Ahmed

 Senior Strings Class, in memory of Robin Bulbeck:

1st Mary-Anne Grego Violin
2nd Withheld  

 Senior Vocal Class, sponsored by TLC4YOU Ltd:

1st= Becky Howitt
1st= Alice Martin

 Senior Woodwind Class, sponsored by Grevett & Co:

1st Arya Pourkarimi Saxophone
2nd Jasmine Brown Alto Saxophone
3rd= Alice Martin Flute
3rd= Jonny Ainscough Clarinet

 Senior Ensemble Class, sponsored by Marsha Rae Ratcliff:

1st Quintessence(Piano, 10 Hands) William Rose, Megan Cave, Matthew Joslin, Mary-Anne Grego, and James Cozens.
Under the guidance of Michael McMillan.
2nd HW Music Centre Saxophone Choir Jasmine Brown, Matthew Crane, Harry Brown, Georgie Farquar, Ross Riseley, Jonny Ainscough, Katalina Thoms, Joshua Franklin, Emma Gazard, Jemma White,  Shanker Narayan, Alex Russell, Joe Harris
Directed by Katie Brown.
3rd= RGS Trad Jazz Band Piano- James Cozens, Trumpet- Matt Clark & Sam Starkey, Clarinet- Max Tagg, Tenor sax- Arya Pourkarimi, Trombone- Kristian Herath, Tuba- Oliver Munby, Banjo- Cameron Goodman, Drums- Dan Kimberly
3rd= Abelice
(Vocal Duet)
Alice Martin & Becky Howitt
Highly Commended HW Music Centre Senior Flute Choir Izzy Harris, Zoe Kite, Izzy Talbot, Annabel Hall, Emily Newton,  James Pang, Josie Wellington
Directed by Emma Walker