About the Swan Singers

Within the main Orpheus choir are two smaller choirs – the Swan Singers and the Wycombe Orpheus Cygnets (click here for more information about the Cygnets).

The Swan Singers were formed 21 years ago (January 2014 was its 21st anniversary). It was born out of an idea by Orpheus stalwart Eddie Evans, from the second bass section, who is 93 and still singing.

His idea was to create a smaller choir from within the main band of Orpheus choristers which could entertain, mostly in the afternoon, at smaller venues such as Derby & Joan clubs, residential homes, church venues etc., thus bringing music and comedy in a relaxed atmosphere to people who may not be able to attend a full Orpheus concert.

The Swans have now completed over 300 performances! - a measure of the Choir's success since its formation.

The Swans are kept in order (more or less!) by Musical Director Peter Gibbons (an Orpheus member for more than 50 years!) and his Deputy Conductor Keith Pulford with superlative accompaniment by pianist Gwen Woodstock.

Around 24 singers – top tenors, second tenors, first basses and second basses – perform items from the main Orpheus repertoire but there are solo spots and comedy items in all programmes. It does around 12 concerts a year and is usually booked up a year ahead.

Bookings are handled by Alan Walsh (Tel: 01296 395920 or Email: swansecretary@wycombeorpheus.org.uk ). Contact him if you would like to discuss a booking. The choir does not charge a fee but asks for a modest donation for Orpheus funds.


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