About the Cygnets

Within the main Orpheus choir are two smaller choirs – the Swan Singers (click here for more about the Swans) and the Wycombe Orpheus Cygnets.

The Cygnets group sets out to showcase the repertoire and abilities of the main Orpheus Choir, but using only 12 to 16 voices dependent upon the needs of the venue. This allows organisations that otherwise would not be able to book the full Orpheus to enjoy high quality entertainment based on the exacting standards of performance expected of the Orpheus.

A donation is invited from organisers which is applied wholly to the funding of the Orpheus Festival of Young Musicians and associated Bursary Fund.

To book the Wycombe Orpheus Cygnets contact the Concerts Secretary, Ray Walton on 01296 624329 or by email cygnetsecretary@wycombeorpheus.org.uk  


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